Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Oh, the Shame!! And on a separate note....Dickey's!

Yesterday I talked about my friend Jenny...my shopping "wingman". Today, I have a funny story to relate...about our apparent shopping disease, and how we are both afflicted by the exact same "strain"!! I was at Buffalo Exchange yesterday, killing a bit of time with one of my daughters. I first happened upon a gorgeous pair of Pucci flats ($44.00), that were a tad too tight for me, therefore were destined for Jenny. I then glimpsed a really beautiful python evening bag ($33.50), from a designer I have never heard of ( I didn't think this was possible) named 'Malini Murjani'! I put the shoes on hold for Jenny, and called her to let her know of her newest purchase and the need to pick up the shoes the next day. I also put the evening bag on hold, as I thought it would be prudent to do some research on the brand, and make sure that I was getting a good deal. Also, I needed to find some things to sell to BE, in order to have a credit to purchase something new. Once back at work, it only took me a minute to find out that the python bag in question has comparable brothers and sisters retailing for over $1000. My heart beat a little faster at the thought that some sort of heinous mistake might be made at the Buffalo Exchange, and that my gorgeous bag might actually be put back on the sales floor. I furiously scrounged through my closet for treasures worthy of selling, and once a worthy pile had accumulated, I hightailed it back to BE before my bag might be lost to some other bargain hunter!! My worst fears were realized when I arrived and my "hold" bag could not be located. I have to admit that I did momentarily feel like screaming out loud, as everyone wondered just where it could be! To my relief, it was eventually found underneath the cash register. As I was admiring the beauty of this bag which was soon to be mine...I did a small turn, and much to my surprise....who do I see???? That is right...it was Jenny!! She also couldn't bear the thought that those shoes may not end up being hers, so she hightailed it over to BE to seal the deal!! We were both a bit embarrassed at being busted by one another, but that only lasted but a second!! I wish I had a picture of Jenny's shoes....

Also, tonight is Tuesday, which makes it "kids eat free" at Dickey's Bar-b-q. This is a superb dining out deal if you have kids. They get a kids plate, drink and ice cream for free. Our family of 5 can eat for $15.00, and have enough food left over for lunch the next day. A few tips:

-Ask for an extra hamburger bun. They put so much meat on your sandwich that there is plenty to make a second sandwich to take home.

-During the summer, the large ice tea is only $.69. Comes in a great reusable plastic cup!

-Kids eat free is every Tuesday and Sunday

-The Dickey's at the Dallas Knox/Henderson location also has a very nice man who makes fabulous balloon animals for free!

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