Friday, April 16, 2010

The Ghost of Fashions Past!!!

Dior t-shirt- $11 bought at Clothes Circuit many years ago
Mango skirt- under $5 thrift
Targets version of Louboutin espadrilles- $9 Target
flower pin- DIY

There are few things more thrilling (which will give you an insight into how boring my life is), than seeing a piece of clothing worn in a new and different way....then realizing that in fact, you already own this piece of clothing. Such is what happened to me when I viewed the trailer for the Sex & The City 2 movie. Imagine my delight when I noticed Carrie (Sarah Jessica Parker) in Abu Dhabi wearing none other than a vintage J'adore Dior t-shirt. Although I can't attest to the age of her shirt, I can say that I realized that in a box somewhere, I had almost the identical t-shirt. Other people might wait for the shirt to surface of its own accord....but not me! I decided to brave the mound of boxes in storage in search of my holy grail of shirts (at least until I found it). If you could only see my storage area, you would realize what an undertaking this is. I am glad that I have gymnastics training, because it was certainly employed to get to the shirt. I was lucky in that I knew in which box it resided, but unlucky in that this box was about 6 feet up on a shelf that I couldn't get to. I decided that scaling the storage fixture was my only option, and quickly climbed up. Whilst balancing precariously, and digging through the box, it was much to my delight when.....the shirt was exactly where it should be. This will prove my point, that it is never a good idea to get rid of anything!!! Different people have different rules....I have heard the one year rule (if you haven't worn it for a year get rid of it), I have heard the trend rule (if it is not on trend get rid of it), but the only way items leave my closet is if they don't look good on me or if they are just plain ugly! I cannot tell you how many times that I have enjoyed an item of clothing that I was sure that I would never wear again. Case in point.....this t-shirt. I was certain it had seen its day in the sun. Lucky for me, I wisely saved it for later. Today it has been resurrected.....J'adore Dior!!!!

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Garage Sale Season is Upon us!!!

Jimmy Choo for H&M $36 Buffalo Exchange

Super cute barn purse $1 Garage Sale

Even cuter slippers $1 Garage Sale

So.....last weekend I offered to help a dear friend with her garage sale. She was having a hard time pulling it all after grabbing a Starbucks refill (as long as you have the cup...the refill is $.50), I headed to North Dallas to try to help her rid her garage of her junk. Turned out that not only were we selling her junk...but the junk of her in-laws, which turned out to be not so junky!!! If I was a collector of Americana items....I would have been in heaven. There was box after box of quilted goodies, and hand painted signs proclaiming various "Home is where the heart is" sentiments!!! I did somehow still manage to snag a few quilted teddy bears....I mean who can resist??!! While we were hot and heavy in the middle of her garage sale, one of our customers mentioned that there was a charity group having a HUGE sale at the civic center down the street. I was sorely tempted to abandon ship, just to see what was for sale. When I asked if there was any good stuff, she replied...."Not really....just a ton of clothes". WHAT???!!!! A ton of clothes....that is what I am looking for.....a ton of clothes to add to the ton that I already have!!!! Well....I managed to forge ahead for a few more hours and help my friend with her sale....but do not think for even a second that I didn't stop on the way back home. First....when I walked into the civic center...the anticipation was almost too much! There was just SO MUCH STUFF!!! I only had 15 minutes to take it all in, so I moved into warp speed. I headed straight for the shoes and purses, and picked up a darling pair of slippers. Luck was with me, as they were marking down I was picking them up. I managed to get the slippers for $1. When I looked them up online....retail was $75. Then I moved on to the clothing racks.....I grabbed a cute Trina Turk jacket that had just been discounted to $.50. You cannot even get a candy bar for $.50 anymore!!! As I was thinking that I had seen it all....I saw a section that was cordoned off by drapes. This garage sale had a boutique!!!! I hurried into the "designer" area, and began flipping through the racks. There was a ton of cute stuff....but nothing that jumped out at me. Well....that was until I spied (from the corner of my eye), a vintage Mongolian lamb fur vest. I believe I have mentioned before that I try to stay away from buying fur. My exception to this rule is vintage. I feel that if it has been in circulation for 20, 40, 50 years....there is no need to retire it now! The vest was $15, but was 50% off. So for $7.50, I will look like a woolly mammoth next winter!!! My last find was a vintage decoupage purse that looks like a barn. Seriously...who wouldn't want one of those??? Especially for $1. Of course, I couldn't resist. It may need some touch up paint....but is a fabulous addition to my handbag collection. All in was an extremely successful garage sale day. I ended up going home with a box of stuff that I didn't need, but that will certainly come in handy. I recommend you set aside a few hours every Saturday morning to dig through other people junk. Remember the age-old saying, "One persons trash is another persons treasure". I know this to be true....I have a ton of treasures that once belonged to many other people!!!

P.S. Also check out the fabulous Jimmy Choo for H&M bag that I recently snagged at Buffalo Exchange. Of course it was bought on no $$$ actually left my wallet! I love it!!!