Tuesday, November 16, 2010

I Believe I promised a Pucci Post.....

$32 Buffalo Exchange

$20 Buffalo Exchange

$24 Buffalo Exchange

$32 Buffalo Exchange

$20 Buffalo Exchange (100% cashmere)

No chitchat this time...just fashion! I will share with you my gorgeous Pucci items and the prices paid! Hold on to your eyeballs...they may be popping out at any second!! Thanks to Buffalo Exchange for constantly feeding my need for Pucci....and at such unbelievable prices!

Feeling thrifty....will travel!!!

So although this past weekend was supposed to be dedicated to my most favorite 11 year old daughter and her all-state choir competition....there was much down-time for us Moms....on the trip to Houston. I googled locations before departure, and found out that we would be mere minutes away from a Houston Buffalo Exchange. As if there was not enough crap being crammed into the back of my car for this trip...I loaded my ever evolving bag of clothes for possible trades while visiting this Buffalo Exchange location. It is a good thing the other Mom in my car ended up being so cool...otherwise she might have thought me crazy...for not only wanting to go thrifting, but also for hauling merchandise 250 miles to trade!! It was a good thing I did though, as there were only two items sold for trade....but I had a total of $30 in trade credit which was promptly spent. What did I get you might wonder....well....as everyone should know, a skirt made from old men's ties is a wardrobe necessity...so I picked up a super cool one for $11. Also...I bought a necessary pair of khaki pants, as my one pair was purchased when I was a depressed smoker and 10 pounds lighter. Sure, I cold still squeeze in....but why make oneself miserable??!! Also...the gorgeous, vintage crochet type dress (pictured) was purchased for $20. I plan on making it a little bit tougher with a leather jacket and some serious platforms!!

Then it was off to pick up my darling child from her first day of choir practice. What did I spy a few blocks away???? A HUGE Salvation Army!!!! I then knew what I would be doing to kill time the next day! Thank goodness that my travelling companion and I were now fast friends...as she was a good sport when I broke the news that a trip to the Salvation was certainly imminent! AND....it was a rousing success!!! I had a whole cartful of stuff inside of 15 minutes. And this was good stuff!!! REALLY GOOD STUFF!!! For $30, I left with a Land's End raincoat, red cashmere sweater, Sanctuary jacket, cool pants from Japan (pictured), White House Black Market jacket (pictured), J. Crew metallic jacket (pictured), Vintage black dress (pictured), Ralph Lauren skinny jeans for my daughter, and a few other odds and ends for the kids. Then the problem was posed...how to get this back home and into my house as if it had always been there???? I can tell you that it has only been two days, and these items have disappeared into the black hole of fabulousness that is my closet...with no problem at all!

Thanks for reading....I would say that it will happen again soon....but I can't make any promises!!!

Monday, July 19, 2010

A Deal so Good it Made Me Feel Bad!!

Me&Ro necklace $20 at Buffalo Exchange
Retail $2500-$3000

Loro Piana cashmere sweater $3.99 at UGM thrift
Retail $1500.00

Pucci Halter top- $62 at Uptown Consignment

Vintage Gianmarco Lorenzi boots-$34 at Buffalo Exchange (bought in trade)
Sergio Rossi red patent stilettos-$43 at Buffalo Exchange ( bought in trade)

Gorgeous Italian dress for my daughter- $10 Genesis Women's Shelter
Retail-between $300-$500

This has never happened to me before. N-E-V-E-R. Generally when I get a fantastic deal....I am in awe....and cannot wait to shout it from the rooftops....but recently, I got a deal SO GOOD, that I actually felt bad about it!

The day was like so many others....I found myself at Buffalo Exchange with the opportunity to peruse the newest arrivals, and keep myself occupied for a little while. As I was leaving, I quickly looked into the jewelry case where I spotted a beautiful "gold" necklace with "cz's" by a very well known designer. As I examined it more closely....I realized that it was quite a heavy piece of jewelry and decided that it definitely needed to be mine! I put it on hold and quickly drove home to find a few items to "trade". The necklace was a bargain at $20, so I was in a hurry to purchase. When I got home, I took a moment to do a bit of research on the designer, "Me&Ro", and was intrigued when I read that they only work in 10k gold and 18k gold and diamonds. Hmmmmm.....the possibility of a serious FIND was at hand!! I rushed back to Buffalo Exchange and completed my purchase. I made the decision that a professional opinion was needed, so stopped at the first jewelry store on the way to my house. My $20 necklace turned out to be 18K gold and diamonds....and almost a full ounce of gold!!! HOLY SHITE!!! That is a lot of gold!!! I couldn't believe it! No sooner had I gotten over the excitement of the realization than I started to worry. It was too good a deal?? It was stolen?? But I cannot imagine any thief taking a piece of jewelry to Buffalo Exchange instead of a pawn shop. They certainly would not be very good at their "profession"!!! Anyway....after admiring the necklace for a few days, I sold the chain for scrap and used the $$$ to pay off a credit card (How responsible is this??!!), and kept the gold and diamond cross for myself. The retail value of the necklace was about $2500. Now THAT IS A DEAL!!!

On to more thrifting finds....Today, I decided that perhaps I am a philanthropist! The good thing about thrifting is that you are helping a charity, recycling, and getting some good stuff at the same time. The bad thing is that it is quite addictive. There is always something fabulous to be found....and I am single-handedly trying to find it all it seems!!! I will post a few pics of some of my recent goodies! There have been some good ones!!

A friend of mine recently told me about a new consignment store in Dallas. "What's this you say?" A new consignment store that I don't know about?? Shocking. I actually let a few days go by before I dropped in to check it out. The name of this little gem is "Uptown Consignment", and it is owned by a darling set of sisters; Camille Umland and Connie Dieb. It is located at the corner of Fitzhugh and Cole in the uptown area of Dallas. This store is small, but WELL STOCKED. Forget having to sort through a bunch of stuff to find a treasure...they were all treasures! The pricing was extremely reasonable, and I was able to snag a gorgeous Pucci halter for $62. I also spotted a fabulous pair of Marni flats for $42, and was sorely tempted. If I didn't already own a gazillion pairs of flats that I don't wear....they would have been mine!! I recommend dropping in, as one of the sisters is a personal shopper at Neimans and could certainly help you to pick out the perfect outfit.

On to food.....recently we dined out at Cracker Barrel. I cannot even remember the last time that I ate this kind of food. Pros: any age can order off the kids menu. The servings are BIG and the meal comes with a drink for under $5. Cons: Country store to occupy your time while waiting for the food to be delivered. What I saved on the food...I made up for on the old-school candy. YUM!!!

Friday, April 16, 2010

The Ghost of Fashions Past!!!

Dior t-shirt- $11 bought at Clothes Circuit many years ago
Mango skirt- under $5 thrift
Targets version of Louboutin espadrilles- $9 Target
flower pin- DIY

There are few things more thrilling (which will give you an insight into how boring my life is), than seeing a piece of clothing worn in a new and different way....then realizing that in fact, you already own this piece of clothing. Such is what happened to me when I viewed the trailer for the Sex & The City 2 movie. Imagine my delight when I noticed Carrie (Sarah Jessica Parker) in Abu Dhabi wearing none other than a vintage J'adore Dior t-shirt. Although I can't attest to the age of her shirt, I can say that I realized that in a box somewhere, I had almost the identical t-shirt. Other people might wait for the shirt to surface of its own accord....but not me! I decided to brave the mound of boxes in storage in search of my holy grail of shirts (at least until I found it). If you could only see my storage area, you would realize what an undertaking this is. I am glad that I have gymnastics training, because it was certainly employed to get to the shirt. I was lucky in that I knew in which box it resided, but unlucky in that this box was about 6 feet up on a shelf that I couldn't get to. I decided that scaling the storage fixture was my only option, and quickly climbed up. Whilst balancing precariously, and digging through the box, it was much to my delight when.....the shirt was exactly where it should be. This will prove my point, that it is never a good idea to get rid of anything!!! Different people have different rules....I have heard the one year rule (if you haven't worn it for a year get rid of it), I have heard the trend rule (if it is not on trend get rid of it), but the only way items leave my closet is if they don't look good on me or if they are just plain ugly! I cannot tell you how many times that I have enjoyed an item of clothing that I was sure that I would never wear again. Case in point.....this t-shirt. I was certain it had seen its day in the sun. Lucky for me, I wisely saved it for later. Today it has been resurrected.....J'adore Dior!!!!

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Garage Sale Season is Upon us!!!

Jimmy Choo for H&M $36 Buffalo Exchange

Super cute barn purse $1 Garage Sale

Even cuter slippers $1 Garage Sale

So.....last weekend I offered to help a dear friend with her garage sale. She was having a hard time pulling it all together....so after grabbing a Starbucks refill (as long as you have the cup...the refill is $.50), I headed to North Dallas to try to help her rid her garage of her junk. Turned out that not only were we selling her junk...but the junk of her in-laws, which turned out to be not so junky!!! If I was a collector of Americana items....I would have been in heaven. There was box after box of quilted goodies, and hand painted signs proclaiming various "Home is where the heart is" sentiments!!! I did somehow still manage to snag a few quilted teddy bears....I mean who can resist??!! While we were hot and heavy in the middle of her garage sale, one of our customers mentioned that there was a charity group having a HUGE sale at the civic center down the street. I was sorely tempted to abandon ship, just to see what was for sale. When I asked if there was any good stuff, she replied...."Not really....just a ton of clothes". WHAT???!!!! A ton of clothes....that is what I am looking for.....a ton of clothes to add to the ton that I already have!!!! Well....I managed to forge ahead for a few more hours and help my friend with her sale....but do not think for even a second that I didn't stop on the way back home. First....when I walked into the civic center...the anticipation was almost too much! There was just SO MUCH STUFF!!! I only had 15 minutes to take it all in, so I moved into warp speed. I headed straight for the shoes and purses, and picked up a darling pair of slippers. Luck was with me, as they were marking down items....as I was picking them up. I managed to get the slippers for $1. When I looked them up online....retail was $75. Then I moved on to the clothing racks.....I grabbed a cute Trina Turk jacket that had just been discounted to $.50. You cannot even get a candy bar for $.50 anymore!!! As I was thinking that I had seen it all....I saw a section that was cordoned off by drapes. This garage sale had a boutique!!!! I hurried into the "designer" area, and began flipping through the racks. There was a ton of cute stuff....but nothing that jumped out at me. Well....that was until I spied (from the corner of my eye), a vintage Mongolian lamb fur vest. I believe I have mentioned before that I try to stay away from buying fur. My exception to this rule is vintage. I feel that if it has been in circulation for 20, 40, 50 years....there is no need to retire it now! The vest was $15, but was 50% off. So for $7.50, I will look like a woolly mammoth next winter!!! My last find was a vintage decoupage purse that looks like a barn. Seriously...who wouldn't want one of those??? Especially for $1. Of course, I couldn't resist. It may need some touch up paint....but is a fabulous addition to my handbag collection. All in all....it was an extremely successful garage sale day. I ended up going home with a box of stuff that I didn't need, but that will certainly come in handy. I recommend you set aside a few hours every Saturday morning to dig through other people junk. Remember the age-old saying, "One persons trash is another persons treasure". I know this to be true....I have a ton of treasures that once belonged to many other people!!!

P.S. Also check out the fabulous Jimmy Choo for H&M bag that I recently snagged at Buffalo Exchange. Of course it was bought on trade....so no $$$ actually left my wallet! I love it!!!

Monday, February 22, 2010

Happy (2ndhand) Birthday!!!!

Suffice it to day that our youngest child was SO EXCITED about her birthday that she could barely contain herself! I was astounded at the amount of thought that she put into it this year!!! She wrote an entire book on how her birthday should progress including such tidbits as:

1. Everyone should be peppy

2. No cell phone use on my birthday unless it is about my birthday.

3. Pink plates for girls/white plates for boys

There was SO MUCH MORE....literally pages upon pages of birthday instruction! A few weeks before her birthday, her present list changed from ZhuZhu pet accessories to a hopeless and all-consuming need for Breyer horses. I bought her a Breyer craft kit at a thrift store which happened to come with the catalog. She spent hours paging through it and marking all of her horse desires! I was happy to jump on the bandwagon, until I started checking prices. Those horses are expensive!!!! I steered her towards the less expensive options of the Breyer "Stablemates" (smaller version), and let her check a few options that she might like. I was almost ready to place my online order when I decided to check Craigslist. Lo and behold....there was an ad for a Breyer barn with horses that looked fantastic and for only $75. I immediately called the gentleman and asked if we could arrange a horse hookup! He agreed to meet me in the parking lot of a local Denny's. I was a bit nervous about this meeting, as you do hear all sorts of horror stories about situations like these....but decided to trust in the goodness of the universe and the happiness these things would bring my daughter and went to the meeting. Certainly my life was not destined to end in the parking lot of a pancake house???!!! When he pulled up, I almost fell out of my car!!! The barn was SO BIG it took up his whole front seat. And in perfect condition!!! A huge box of horses and accessories was also included. This was turning out to be one of the greatest deals ever!!!! But what was the icing on the cake was this.....my daughter has a "special friend" named Fathead. Fathead has been the love of her life since she was 2. She has toted around this little horse EVERYWHERE with us. He is definitely a part of our family. Inside the box of Breyer horses was a miniature "Fathead" stuffed animal. I was thrilled!!!! This alone was worth $75, and turned out to be my daughters favorite gift!!! I had no idea that such a small version of fathead even existed...and I though that I was privy to ALL fathead info! She was so excited with all of her birthday presents, and I feel like it was a fantastic deal! Never be afraid to shop second-hand....even for gifts! You can get so much more for your $$$, and the fact of the matter is that something is only "new" until it has been opened.

Also included in the pics....my gorgeous Missoni dress from Buffalo Exchange. Trying very hard to stay out of that place, but it is a difficult venture! Maybe I should have given it up for Lent instead of giving up red velvet cupcakes!??

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

A Buffalo Exchange 12 Step Program

Vintage tooled leather bag $50 Buffalo Exchange

Smythson Wallet- $6 Buffalo Exchange

Etro moto jacket- $85 Buffalo Exchange

Big, Fabulous cocktail Ring $17 Buffalo Exchange

Manolo Blahniks- $40 Bufflo Exchange

OUT OF POCKET= $0 How could there be a better way to shop??????

I beleive an intervention might be needed, because I am a hopeless Buffalo Exchange addict. It has become so terrible that even the employees are reminding me that I am not supposed to be there! Never mind that I always feel so proud of myself when I go and sell my belongings there and that cash is rarely used....but I never fail to leave with new stuff! Here is my version of the 12 steps....translated for Buffalo Exchange:

1. I am powerless when faced with bargains....my closet has become unmanageable!

2. A power greater than myself is maneuvering my vehicle towards the nearest Buffalo Exchange!

3. I have made a decision to turn my will over to this greater power...therefore absolving myself of any guilty feelings!

4. I made a searching and fearless inventory of my closet.

5. I will admit to all of you the nature of my problem.

6. I have to be ready to remove all defects from my wardrobe (I like this one....does it mean I get to have replacements).

7. I will humbly ask my girlfriends to help me remove my fashion faux pas.

8. I will make a list of all the people who have not benefited from this habit, and promptly rectify by buying them a present.

9. I will make direct amends to them in the form of cute clothing/accessories, unless doing so will offend them in which case, I will buy something for myself.

10. Continue to take a closet inventory and when I have done wrong....I will return to Buffalo Exchange.

11. I will meditate on when enough is enough and hope that this point has been reached!

12. I will try unsuccessfully to tell this to all of my friends who are also afflicted with the Buffalo Exchange addiction!!!

There.....rules to live by! I am starting today.....so all of my fabulous friends at my local Buffalo....be ready to feel my absence (but if anything great comes in....could you please call??)!!!!

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Oh, the Horror....Have I Become A Mall Shopper

Cute thrift sweater $8, Silence & Noise jeans $17 Buffalo Exchange

Tiny Ferragamo bag- BLACK FRIDAY PURCHASE $2 Thrift

Christopher Kane dress- FREE Topshop

Ok, ok....I know it has been months and long months since my last post. I could come up with all sorts of plausible excuses....but in fact....I haven't felt inspired to write about any bargains! That is not to say that I have not gotten any bargains....I just haven't felt like expounding about their virtues! Anyway....I hope my dry spell is over, and I can once again, let you all in on my treasure hunting! With months having passed, I hardly know where to begin....should it be with the Black Friday sales (I only went to one thrift store), or Xmas goodies, or perhaps I should tell you about my fabulous NYC shopping? Hmmmm......I think I will start with the mall, and jump around from there!

My kids, it seems... are much more wealthy than me! it makes me wonder sometimes, why it is that I am buying things for them....when I look at their wallets, and they are stacked with cash from Xmas, and mine looks anorexic! Anyway....my youngest daughter has picked up an insatiable addiction for Juicy Couture. I am not sure how this happened! While I may own the odd Juicy sweatsuit....I am in no way contributing to the pink and frilly addiction that has overcome my child! All she wanted for Xmas was Juicy, so that is what she got! After Xmas, armed with the $$$ that came pouring in from various relatives, all of my kids were ready to hit the mall. I NEVER mall shop. Seriously...I cannot even remember the last time I went to the mall for the purpose of shopping for myself. What happens at the mall is this....there are a bazillion shops which house a gazillion things that you never knew that you needed until you saw them at the mall. This will prompt a return trip to quickly pick up something seen on the previous trip, which turns into a vicious cycle of shopping! Anyway....my kids were completely enamored with.....Justice, Juicy, and Gamestop. Seriously....could not get enough! My oldest daughter who absolutely despises shopping...couldn't get out of the car fast enough. When I asked her about this, she said, "Mom....you know I don't hate shopping for me....just for you!" I am sure that others with kids have heard this before. Really, this means....I hate shopping where you want to shop, but don't mind spending 2 hours in Justice!!!!! Luckily, all of the cash has been squandered, and I made it out virtually unscathed....and with a few bargains to boot! I managed to get a gorgeous necklace at Free People, and some fabulous and fun costume jewelry at F21. That place is unreal.....there are all sorts of wonderful things to be found there!

A few weeks ago, I was invited to spend 2 days in NYC with my family! It is the first time that my Dad has had all of his kids in the same spot in about 20 years, I think! I knew the trip was gong to go well when I found $20 at the airport. I tried to find its rightful owner....but no one wanted to claim the cash, so therefore it was mine by default! I was invited to celebrate my Dad's 65th birthday with a trip to the MOMA to see the Bauhaus exhibit. The exhibit was amazing, as well as the opportunity to spend time with my family...they are all super cool! Speaking of super cool....my big brother was in NYC also, finishing off his newest album (check out the Apples in Stereo) and filming his video. I got to see the recording studio and also meet some of his extremely cool and artsy band types. My awesome sister-in-law offered to take me shopping after I spotted a Christopher Kane for Topshop alligator dress in her duffel bag. For those of you who are not in the CK know....when the line debuted at Topshop last fall, all of the coolest pieces were snapped up in no time at all, and many were sold on Ebay for ridiculous sums. But moving on....she offered to take me to Topshop as she had recently purchased the dress on sale for $20 (originally $125). I could barely sleep with anticipation that night and was thrilled when we finally made it to the store in Soho. My excitement soon turned to awe, as we realized that one whole floor of the store was on SALE....buy one get one FREE. After getting myself acclimated to the madness and finding my alligator dress (top priority)....I delved in to find my next item. I ended up getting a gorgeous pair of shoes (originally $145) for $40, and the Kane dress for FREE. Now THAT is a deal!!

Holy smokes....I think I have written a book here! I am going to have to post some pics and make another entry.....I need to not wait so long between musings!