Friday, July 17, 2009

A mathematical theory, as it relates to shopping!

It is a well known fact in my family that I am no mathematical genius. Those honors were bestowed upon my older brother, who has even been honored at the smart math people's annual convention, for some math theory he invented...which I don't understand! In High School, it took me three tries to pass Algebra 1, with my summer school math teacher eventually taking pity on me, and passing me with a D!! BUT.....put me in a sale situation, and ask me how much 33% off a certain price is, and you would think I have a calculator built into my brain!!

There is a saying that, "man cannot live on bread alone", I think the female counterpart to that is, "women cannot exist on deals alone"! Although I would love to be able to say that everything in my closet has been an absolute steal, it would be untrue....and impossible, I think! There are classic items, which were bought full-price, or the perfect pair of jeans....which is worth any price tag at all! It is at these times that I have to employ the cost per wear theory. This is not a theory made up by me, just to validate purchases.....I am sure this must be a bonafide mathematical theory created by a female genius along the lines of Bill Gates or Stephen Hawkings! It goes a little something like this: You are at Forever21, and buy a darling shirt for $20 (a deal, right??). You wear that shirt twice before it goes out of style, or starts to fall apart. Therefore your cost per wear= $10. buy a pair of gorgeous jeans at $250. You wear those jeans (to date) about 40 times, and they still have a lot of life left in them. At this point your cost per wear= $6.25. But let's say you wear them another 25 times before they are ready for retirement. Your cost per wear= $3.85. Therefore.....when you spend more, sometimes you save!! I am not sure if my husband will be subscribing to this theory any time soon, but I find it works for me when I need to justify a big purchase!

My outfit today for the most part was bought with the cost per wear theory in mind:

Barneys silk shirt- $23 Clothes Circuit

TR Joey jeans- $250 Lane Crawford in Hong Kong

Gucci Clogs- $500 Gucci store (These shoes are super comfy)!

**I have had both the jeans and the shoes for oh, so many years! They have been worn repeatedly....and I plan on wearing them many times more!!


  1. I totally get the mathematical theory as it relates to shopping. Anne as you know I am planning three large purchases in the near future in relation to core classic pieces that are for me a must have. My husband and others may argue that I don't need another pair of jeans/pants/slacks to add to the 20 to 30 pairs that I already own, but I simply must obtain a pair of Bishops. The fit is superbly flattering on me and justifies paying the possible $270 because I will continue to reach for them constantly and in the years to come.

    My other major purchase for the near future will consist of two classic high end handbags, a Louis Vuitton and a Balenciaga handbag. While visiting the websites for these two designers I begin to explain to my husband that I would like two classic statement bags that will last me a lifetime. I showed him the bags and he asked the sweetest question to my ears: "Would you like me to buy you one for Christmas?" I quickly replied "YES"! Of course since I am quite frugal and I do not have money to burn on extravagant, beautiful handbags especially with three growing kids I will be on the hunt for a bargain that is if you call spending $200 to $700 each opposed to $500 to $1600 each
    handbag that I truly don't "need" but really, really "want" that will last me a lifetime with good care and something to past down to my girls a bargain.

    I am truly thankful for my stylish grandmother for possible using the mathematical theory on her clothing and accessories because now since the 10 plus years that she has been gone I have tons of gorgeous,timeless, unique pieces that I wear and cherish and hope that my girls will do the same when I pass it all on to them. I am quite sure that the Pucci belt with Swarovski crystals and the Chanel scarf that belonged to my grandmother have paid for themselves over and over again.

    So, with all of that being said here is the theory in action:

    Bishops $270 - wearing as least four times a month for the at least the next five years that would about $1.30 per wear. Now if my girls borrowed and then inherited these Bishops that are still in good condition then the cost per wear significantly drops to nearly 0! What a bargain!:)

  2. Those Bishops are pretty much FREE!!! And if you pass that LV bag on to one of our daughters, it is almost like LV is paying you to carry it!! Your husband is a doll....have him get you the Balenciaga. I will keep my eyes peeled for the bag you need at the price you want!