Thursday, September 10, 2009

Dumpster Diving....Does It Equal Free Tea????

The offending shot of me inside!

And me today: black top $.90 thrifted Anna Paul silk skirt $4.00 Clothes Circuit

Yesterday was a normal most of my others. I started my day off by driving through McDonald's to get my everyday sweet iced tea (.99). I have become a bit obsessed with sweet tea since I stopped smoking. I would say that quitting smoking is a great way to save money, but as I have replaced it with a sweet iced tea everyday from McDonald's....I am just breaking even!!! Anyway....I exchanged my morning pleasantries with Ms. Joyce, who is perpetually friendly and whose attitude makes it almost a pleasure to drink iced tea that I know is going to give me a gut! Little did I know that later that day I would be seeing her in completely different circumstances!!

As I was making my way into work, I did a quick detour to our dumpster to toss in a handful of the junk that accumulates in your car when you have kids! As my life would go...I also threw in my phone. I did stare at it for a minute or so, but as it became apparent that it would not rise to meet my by some type of mystical powers....I made a backup plan to hop in the dumpster. I have to mention that this prospect was not enticing AT ALL!!! I hopped in with the ease of a person at least half my age, and bent down to retrieve my phone. When I popped back up....who was there??? None other than Ms. Joyce from the drive-thru!!! She was on her way to the bus stop when she happened upon me in the dumpster. She asked, "Hey...what are you doing in there??" To which I replied, "Oh...I live here!". After realizing my mistake, I quickly corrected myself and explained that I actually lived there, and continued with the tale that ended with me in the dumpster. In retrospect...maybe I should have allowed her to believe that I was actually dumpster diving, as there might have been FREE sweet tea in my future!!!

If you have been considering plumping up your pout with costly injections....consider no further! Click on the link below, and if you are one of the first 10,000 to sign will be sent a free sample of Lipfusion. I have tried it, and have to say that my lips did not resemble Angelina Jolie's, but there is nothing bad to be said about free lipgloss, so I signed up, and would recommend that you do too!

And if you are more interested in $$$ than about a FREE subscription to Business Week? If you don't like it, I bet you know someone that would! I am currently receiving SO MANY free magazines that it is shocking....there are no strings attached, so enjoy!

Wednesday, September 9, 2009 something nice for your kids!

Chanel Motorcycle Boots $65 Secondhand

I have to say that my kids are a HUGE bummer! I cannot even mention the name of a thrift store without my oldest daughter behaving as if I am trying to make her do a few hours worth of chores!!!! Actually...I think she may prefer chores! It isn't as if I go EVERYDAY, and they need to start being more appreciative, because I can assure you that they wouldn't have 1/2 of the things they deem necessary if it wasn't for Salvation Army!!! My son insisted that he needed Under Armour. I thought it was a type of deodorant, but much to my is a type of athletic shirt! Champion wouldn't do....nor would any other kind of off-brand turns out that wearing Under Armour is akin to wearing neon Reebok hightops back in the 80's!! Under Armour is EXPENSIVE.....but not when bought secondhand! My son has since asked that I stop purchasing it as he has every color in every style, I think. And all together, I don't think I have paid more than $10. Case in point....that the kids should be appreciative for my bargain hunting prowess!

Sometimes though....I do something all for the kids! On every Thursday evening of every month, the Dallas Museum of Art is FREE to enter. read it right....not a dime is charged! They also have FREE art projects on the 1st and 3rd Thursday of each month, and it is a wonderful way to spend great time with your family....without spending any $$$ at all. I took the kids last Thursday for my birthday, and it turned out that the make-n-take art project was actually a make-n-leave! They all thought they got the shaft as they had constructed these supercool concrete art pieces and were dying to take them home (I have to admit that I wanted them too!)but instead they were made to donate them to an artist who is working on a piece of installation art which will be on display at the DMA in the spring. Sounds like a good way to get free labor on your next art project, but who am I to say (I may be a little bitter)???!!! is a great time for parents and kids alike, as their is also live music and wine for the purchasing. If you park in a metered spot, and it is after 5 o'clock, the parking is also FREE! is running a promotion for the next few days. All of their restaurant gift certificates are 90% off. This is a GREAT deal. You can get a $25 gift certificate for $1 by using the code "ninety". It is essentially 1/2 off by the time the tip and tax is added in at the restaurant, but makes it so much easier to enjoy going out to eat, when it so much more affordable. Unfortunately, I think I bought all of the certificates to my favorite Thai if you live in Dallas and want to buy from Bangkok City....sorry about that!!!!
And for a bit of fashion talk....Fall is in the air, and anything motorcycle oriented is HOT!!!! I was lucky enough to purchase these gorgeous Chanel motorcycle boots a few years ago(whilst living in Hong Kong) for $65. I am completely in love with them, but for the life of me cannot figure out how to wear them without feeling age (un)appropriate. Ideas are welcome please......I certainly do not want to be an embarrassment to my children!!!

Thursday, September 3, 2009

It's My Birthday and I'll Buy if I Want Too!!!

Back of "Rich Hippie" jacket

I added the brooch...a bit of bling always makes me happy!

Catherine Courtney mesh coat

"Lucky" handbag

Chanel shoes......

Well....another year has passed! I am closer to 40 now than 30, and I guess that qualifies me to be called ma'am by the Cowboys cheerleaders! I am not sure where the time has gone....I swear I was 25 just the other day! My 20's dragged on and on, but my 30's are on warp speed!!! Hmmmm....I did finally stop smoking this year! I was supposed to stop at 25....then 30....then 35.....and this year it finally took! Good thing too, as the last thing I need is wrinkly smokers lips to match my sagging chest! I will show my birthday purchases! I am raking it in!!! I love when I get $$$ for a present because I am able to get exactly what I want and lots of it from my favorite secondhand shops! I managed to accumulate $150 to squander, and am having a fine time doing it! I did sell some things at Buffalo Exchange, so was able to have a bit of store credit, which I used to help with my purchases. I love them thank you Randy, kids, and parents for enabling me to buy more stuff I didn't need, but really and truly adore!!!!

And my shopping tip for today....don't take your kids with you whilst trying to spend money on yourself! Somehow all $$$ in your wallet becomes free game for useless stuff they also don't need!!!!