Thursday, July 30, 2009

Live a Happy Life!!!!

Sounds ideal, but sure is difficult!! If you just start with the daily stresses such as work, family, and $$$, and then on top of that you add on the wonderful extras that life throws at you such as....starting the water for your shower, pulling the curtain back....and realizing that your cat (in a fit of peeve) has shat in the shower (photo of bad cat for reference)!! in an older building, with tons of character...which leaks like a sieve during every downpour, but never in the same spot. But....despite all of the crap (literally and figuratively) that we face each day....just being here is reason enough to "live a happy life"!! Whilst shopping for a client, I came across a t-shirt which I couldn't put back! Just looking at the fat little Buddha put a smile on my face...and sometimes it's not about the brand names or the fact that it makes you look fabulous...just that it makes you happy!!! I was at Genesis Women's Shelter here in Dallas,( ) when I happened upon this little piece of zen wisdom!! It has been discarded at the register by someone who obviously did not want to "live a happy life", and I felt like it had been left there just for me (and $4 is but a small price to pay for this tidbit of inspiration)!! There were so many amazing things at the Genesis Women's Shelter thrift store. I haven't seriously shopped there in a while, because of a constant lack of time....but was amazed at some of the bargains to be had: $8 Manolos, $12 cocktail dress, $7 Michael Kors silk shirt...and the list goes on. They also have some amazing things for kids....AND great housewares. I would devote some time to this shopping mission, as there is a ton to see at this thrift store, but it will be time well spent, because I cannot imagine anyone leaving empty-handed!

ON a tastier note, I was absolutely starving last night, and wanted a good dinner. That meant that I wouldn't be cooking I turned to the Internet for some dining out ideas! I went to , as it is one of my favorite ways to be able to eat out, without spending a ton of $$$. Turns out they were running an 80% off special (use the code "napkin" at checkout). This means that you can buy a $25 gift certificate to a local restaurant for $2. The catch have to spend $35. SO basically, you spend $12 + tip on $35 worth of food! I asked my older daughter to be my dining companion, as my smallest was on a date with Daddy, and my oldest was at his grandma's! I love to eat with my daughter...because she truly enjoys food! We arrived at the Thai restaurant of choice (Bangkok City on Greenville Ave.), both of us completely famished, and ready to gorge...which is exactly what we did. We ordered....Basil Flat Noodles, Shrimp Fried Rice, Red Curry Chicken, and shrimp dumplings, and my bill was $10 + tip. The restaurant adds in the tip based on the original amount (which I can truly appreciate, after years of waiting tables), so the tip was roughly $7. bill all total was $17.13. Now what I did find funny was that I was $.06 short. I called the waitress over and explained that the bill was all there, other than .06. I asked her if she needed me to run out to my car to get the $$$. This apparently stressed her out horribly, as I think she thought I was trying to walk the tab. She kept coming over to make sure I wasn't leaving without paying the $.06. I guess my "happy life" shirt didn't stop me from looking shifty!! It looks like it will be Thai leftovers for dinner, I am just glad it will be shared by 5, as last night while lying in bed, I looked at least 6 months pregnant!!

Things that make my life happy:

1. My amazing family

2. Fabulous friends

3. A GREAT deal

4. A good book

5. Any dinner that I don't have to cook!

What are yours?????


  1. My (short) list of things that make my life happy: my large family, God's numerous blessings, music (especially when performed by my loved ones), unexpected bargains, great books,reunions.

  2. unexpected bargain is something to rejoice over...but the rest of your list are the really imporant things!