Thursday, July 16, 2009

$.75 Margaritas- Part Deux

I have to say that when having dinner at a predominantly homosexual restaurant, you instantly become roughly 3 x more fabulous than let's say, when you eat at Outback Steakhouse, or somewhere else similar!! This was certainly the case last night. I was almost like Superman.....boring, wife and mother of 3, (sometimes) wonderful kids during the day......fabulous, sequin clad vixen at night!! My husband and I dined last night with our dear friends at Monica's Acca Y Alla. Monica's is teaming with customers on Wednesday nights for their $.75 margaritas (with purchase of an entree). The majority of these customers are gay men, who always seem to be having the time of their lives! It is nice to be able to enjoy the eye candy and actually admit it to my husband!! Our dinner was fabulous, and we were enjoying the company WHEN......a scandalous sighting was made!! Last year a friend of mine divorced her husband, and claimed he was gay (although he vehemently denied this fact). She said that one of the clues was that every Saturday night, he would take her to Neimans, and have her wait in the dressing room, while he dressed her like a Barbie. Then, he would buy her all of the clothes (doesn't sound too bad to me!). Well...I think it is safe to say, that it is now a confirmed fact, as he was sighted dining with about 15 other gay men for a birthday party! I did try to give him the benefit of the doubt, but I was told, "Honey, please", by one of my dear friends!! Not that it makes any difference to me either way, and I probably should have mentioned that if he needed a new model for his NM excursions, I am open on Saturdays! I wore something sparkly...because sometimes you just need to have a little shine. My outfit for dinner was:

White t-shirt (same as yesterday) $.99 thrift store

Donna Karen sequin skirt $5.00 garage sale (the very garage sale where I bought my 2 Hermes scarves for $1 each!)

Hot pink Manolos, which I paid full-price for. This was my last designer shoe purchase before our finances went down the crapper. I adore these shoes!!


  1. Love, love , love your emsemble! It totally works! It is so funny that you mention the husband of "said friend". I am so not surprised by his sighting and the company that he is keeping. Oh well. No judgement here, some of my really good friends are gay and are as good as gold.

  2. I was one of the privileged guys to see Anne's ensemble last night. It was fabulous. Of course, Anne always looks great!!!

  3. I'm from purseforum! Queen-kitty, actually :) I always love your ensembles, Anne! You always get such amazing deals, and I really love this outfit!

  4. Thanks so much Ashley. So glad to see you here!

    David...wasn't sure if you would mind if I mentioned your name! But now the cat is out of the are my fabulous friend!! is yours to borrow anytime.

  5. ....did I say you looked fabulous last night?