Saturday, January 23, 2010

Oh, the Horror....Have I Become A Mall Shopper

Cute thrift sweater $8, Silence & Noise jeans $17 Buffalo Exchange

Tiny Ferragamo bag- BLACK FRIDAY PURCHASE $2 Thrift

Christopher Kane dress- FREE Topshop

Ok, ok....I know it has been months and long months since my last post. I could come up with all sorts of plausible excuses....but in fact....I haven't felt inspired to write about any bargains! That is not to say that I have not gotten any bargains....I just haven't felt like expounding about their virtues! Anyway....I hope my dry spell is over, and I can once again, let you all in on my treasure hunting! With months having passed, I hardly know where to begin....should it be with the Black Friday sales (I only went to one thrift store), or Xmas goodies, or perhaps I should tell you about my fabulous NYC shopping? Hmmmm......I think I will start with the mall, and jump around from there!

My kids, it seems... are much more wealthy than me! it makes me wonder sometimes, why it is that I am buying things for them....when I look at their wallets, and they are stacked with cash from Xmas, and mine looks anorexic! youngest daughter has picked up an insatiable addiction for Juicy Couture. I am not sure how this happened! While I may own the odd Juicy sweatsuit....I am in no way contributing to the pink and frilly addiction that has overcome my child! All she wanted for Xmas was Juicy, so that is what she got! After Xmas, armed with the $$$ that came pouring in from various relatives, all of my kids were ready to hit the mall. I NEVER mall shop. Seriously...I cannot even remember the last time I went to the mall for the purpose of shopping for myself. What happens at the mall is this....there are a bazillion shops which house a gazillion things that you never knew that you needed until you saw them at the mall. This will prompt a return trip to quickly pick up something seen on the previous trip, which turns into a vicious cycle of shopping! kids were completely enamored with.....Justice, Juicy, and Gamestop. Seriously....could not get enough! My oldest daughter who absolutely despises shopping...couldn't get out of the car fast enough. When I asked her about this, she said, " know I don't hate shopping for me....just for you!" I am sure that others with kids have heard this before. Really, this means....I hate shopping where you want to shop, but don't mind spending 2 hours in Justice!!!!! Luckily, all of the cash has been squandered, and I made it out virtually unscathed....and with a few bargains to boot! I managed to get a gorgeous necklace at Free People, and some fabulous and fun costume jewelry at F21. That place is unreal.....there are all sorts of wonderful things to be found there!

A few weeks ago, I was invited to spend 2 days in NYC with my family! It is the first time that my Dad has had all of his kids in the same spot in about 20 years, I think! I knew the trip was gong to go well when I found $20 at the airport. I tried to find its rightful owner....but no one wanted to claim the cash, so therefore it was mine by default! I was invited to celebrate my Dad's 65th birthday with a trip to the MOMA to see the Bauhaus exhibit. The exhibit was amazing, as well as the opportunity to spend time with my family...they are all super cool! Speaking of super big brother was in NYC also, finishing off his newest album (check out the Apples in Stereo) and filming his video. I got to see the recording studio and also meet some of his extremely cool and artsy band types. My awesome sister-in-law offered to take me shopping after I spotted a Christopher Kane for Topshop alligator dress in her duffel bag. For those of you who are not in the CK know....when the line debuted at Topshop last fall, all of the coolest pieces were snapped up in no time at all, and many were sold on Ebay for ridiculous sums. But moving on....she offered to take me to Topshop as she had recently purchased the dress on sale for $20 (originally $125). I could barely sleep with anticipation that night and was thrilled when we finally made it to the store in Soho. My excitement soon turned to awe, as we realized that one whole floor of the store was on one get one FREE. After getting myself acclimated to the madness and finding my alligator dress (top priority)....I delved in to find my next item. I ended up getting a gorgeous pair of shoes (originally $145) for $40, and the Kane dress for FREE. Now THAT is a deal!!

Holy smokes....I think I have written a book here! I am going to have to post some pics and make another entry.....I need to not wait so long between musings!