Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Yoohoo....Emilio Pucci Calling!!!

The Pucci trio!

Tailor-made using vintage Pucci for Braniff airlines fabric!

And the fabric...

Soooooo......anyone who knows me and my love of secondhand shopping, also knows that I have been on a quest for a Pucci dress for what seems like my whole life!! Somehow, it has been the one item that has eluded me, although along the way....I have found many fabulous Pucci items that have been added to my "collection"!! Earlier this summer while perusing the offerings at Buffalo Exchange, I found a large piece of Pucci fabric for $25. I couldn't believe my good luck and knew right away that I would use the fabric to create my dream dress. I immediately began to look for a seamstress to help me in my endeavor (I do own a sewing machine, but have not yet removed it from its box), but found it was difficult to find anyone who wanted to sew a simple dress for me. I soon lost faith, and knew that when the time was right, the dress would find its maker!

A few months passed and I received a text one day from a fellow Buffalo Exchange enthusiast who has become a good friend. In our thirst for affordable fashion, we have bonded! The text included a photo of a gorgeous Pucci dress that had just been bought at Buffalo Exchange and was put on hold for ME!!!! I was beyond excited. It was the perfect dress, and I could tell from the picture that it was the perfect fit!! I scooted on over to BE with some items to unload, and left 30 minutes later with a gorgeous Pucci dress and $1.50!

A few weeks ago, I found a wonderful designer who was able to make my vision for a simple Pucci shift dress a reality! Youn from Younique Designs by Youn was kind enough to tackle the project for a very affordable price. We had a few fittings and my dress was progressing fantastically! As I was waiting patiently for my dress to be complete, the Pucci gods smiled on me yet again, and I found another dress at Buffalo Exchange. Again, I went through my closet and traded some old goodies in order to be able to bring the beautiful dress home, and again I was victorious! As I was completing my BE trade for the 2nd Pucci dress, I got a text from Youn that my tailor-made dress was complete! I have to say it was a bit overwhelming!! Years I waited for a Pucci dress and in a matter of months...I have three!! Sometimes when it rains, it pours....Pucci that is!!

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Manolos- $12 Genesis Women's Shelter

M. Frey Wille scarf- $1.40 St. Vincent De Paul thrift

Sergio Rossi- $30 Buffalo Exchange

Jaeger dress- $3.60 St. Vincent De Paul thrift

Today, I am going to write about something other than thrifting (as much as it pains me!)!!! But I have a fabulous deal to share for those living in the Dallas area. A deal that not only makes you feel good...but look good also! A deal for the whole family!!! "What is this amazing deal of which you speak?" you might be asking???? Today I shall tell you of the place that makes my life easier, my kids happier, and would make my ass smaller if I was willing to actually make use of all the facilities!!! The Hilton Anatole "Verandah" club. Our family have been members of this club for the last few years. We consider it our family "entertainment" budget each month. For less than $120, our whole family can make use of the amazing facilities which include: gym, indoor basketball, indoor/outdoor track, racquetball, tennis, classes, and indoor/outdoor swimming (with swim-up bar). The facilities are top-notch and I often just stop in and let my kids make use of their gorgeous locker rooms (ssshhh.....don't tell a soul!)!!! It certainly is easier to let them shower there than try and clean up after all of them at home! The best part is that you don't have to sign a contract. That's right....you can make up your mind month to month. Although I have to say that I cannot imagine cancelling after becoming a member...it is just too great a deal to let go!
If interested....contact Rick (great guy) at the Verandah Club 214-761-7878

P.S. I hated to leave you without even a little bit of bargain eye-candy!! Enjoy just a few of my latest treasures!!

Monday, January 10, 2011

All Things Bright and Beautiful.....

There are few things that make me happier than leopard print, neon pink, and a wolf howling at the moon! When I can manage to incorporate all three into one outfit...it is the making of a fantastic day! That coupled with my kids late departure for school due to the 2 centimeters of snow/ice on the ground...which resulted in an extra hour of sleep for me, means that today is bound to be nothing short of glorious!

This coat has got to be one of the most fantastic items of clothing that I own. It was found on a recent venture to Genesis Women's Shelter in Dallas. I was supposed to be dropping off a donation (and I did...I promise!), but managed to squeeze in moment of shopping. I spied this coat from across the store, and was ecstatic when it was a perfect fit AND I could afford it. What a bargain at $25! I hate to admit that my husband is ever right....but he believes that whenever I donate...I always come home with more. In this case he was correct...and I am so glad that he was!

The sweater was Neiman Marcus Last Call purchase. If you don't shop there...you should! I have gotten some ridiculous bargains there...seriously...sometimes even cheaper than Wal-Mart. This Shamask sweater was a bargain...I am just not sure how ridiculous! Original price- $750.00, after a slew or markdowns and a special sale...it became mine for $65! I love the color, and you can never go wrong with cashmere.

Leggings and boots...courtesy of Target! Love that place!! I did have a pair of Frye campus boots in black...but they were SSssooooooo painful! And this from someone who regularly sports 5 inch heels! They were so heavy that by the end of the day, my ankles would be throbbing! They were sold...and I found this great pair as a replacement. They were on sale for $35.00 and the leggings were a bargain at $14. It is hard to tell from the pic, but they are like a ribbed sweater.

And last...but certainly not least is the scarf of fabulousness from H&M. I bought this in Las Vegas for $14 at the H&M there...and it is not a purchase that I regret. This scarf has it all....snakes, the constellation, a wolf...and even a goat (or maybe it is a cat!). No matter how you cut it...it is bright, fun, and a tad bit obnoxious! I am so happy that H&M will soon be opening in Dallas. I was so happy when the store opened in Hong Kong...only to move back to Dallas a few months later. I hope when the store opens here...we are not unexpectedly transferred to Boise, Idaho!!