Monday, July 20, 2009

The Best Things in Life are Free!!

If it's not bad enough that I shop for myself....I actually also have a shopping "wingman". A shopping wingman is not necessarily somebody who accompanies you on your various shopping expeditions, but also someone who is keeping an eye out for fabulous bargains whilst you are not even there. In essence, this means that you can actually be shopping two places at the same time!! My "wingman" is my friend Jenny. She and I are constantly on the lookout not only for wonderful things for ourselves, but also each other. The only glitch in this otherwise perfect plan, is that we have identical taste, and are ALMOST the same size. That "almost" is very important, as she is a tad smaller than me, and there are just some things that cannot be altered successfully.

On one of Jenny's recent shopping excursions, she picked up a beautiful red Gypsy '05 maxi dress for $9. She purchased this at one of our favorite "hole in the wall" shops in Oak Cliff, "Maria's Closet". On Friday's, Maria would give an extra $3 off (she has recently ceased this practice) her ridiculously cheap prices on clothing. And her stuff is cheap! Her designer jeans run from $6-$9, and dresses, tops, etc....from $5-$15. There has been Diane Von Furstenberg, Cynthia Steffe, True Religion, and tons of other cute stuff spotted at Maria's. Anyway....back to the maxi dress....Jenny came over to show me her latest find. When I saw the gorgeous dress, I immediately went into a state of lust! I was so glad she got such a great bargain, and also happy for her....but I wanted the dress for myself!! As it turns out, Jenny came to realize the Gypsy dress was too big for her, and so kindly gave it to me (as if there was any other choice!!)!!

Just this past Friday, I get another call from Jenny who was at Maria's Closet again, and was in a quandary whether she should purchase a pair of True Religion jeans. They were not her size...but DID happen to be mine! I asked her to please pick them up for me, and I would repay her kindly by bringing her something from my closet! When I went to execute the was my favorite style or TR jeans...and the were a perfect fit (Jenny paid $8.50). She in turn received a pair of TR jeans that were too short for me, and a cute sweater....which she seemed to love!

So to wrap it up...a "wingman" is not essential, but it sure is lovely to have two sets of eyes instead of one. It is also amazing to be able to trade items back and forth, when you tire of them. No $$$ is spent, but your closet is constantly getting a small dose of "freshening up".

And on a side never know where your next freebie may be found. I was cleaning out my Father-in-Law's house this past weekend, and found a gorgeous pair of Chanel pumps in the closet in the laundry room. They were missing a button over one of the toes, but I stopped at the Chanel store on my way home for a replacement. I have to say that I was impressed with the service, as I went in looking like shite! Seriously, I was wearing cutoffs, and a tie-dye t-shirt, and flip/flops. I has been cleaning house for 7 hours, so there was no hair or makeup to speak of! The first lady whom I encountered tried to be snooty for a minute, but I won her over with my charm (or maybe it was just that I knew who to ask for because I had called ahead)!!! Alexandra, the seamstress greeted me with a huge box of Chanel buttons, and let me rifle through them for replacements. So after a quick visit to the shoe repair, my "new to me" Chanel pumps will be ready for action!

Gypsy '05 maxi dress- FREE

Skull shoes- $50 bought in Hong Kong

White t-shirt- $4 Genesis Women's Shelter thrift store

Wooden charm necklace- $15 Buffalo Exchange

TR Joey jeans- FREE

Chanel shoes- FREE


  1. Thanks my friend for the plug. I did not do anything that I know that you wouldn't do for me. The dress and the jeans fit you superbly.
    I am actually enjoying the shorter jeans. The fit is more of a boyfriend fit on me and are very cute rolled up. Thanks a bunch.

    Now about my wingman, Anne. My list of fabulous finds my friend has found for me in my absence in so long and will continue to get longer. I will not bore you with all of the finds but will mention a few.

    1. Dolce and Gabbana leopard print mini halter dress at Maria's Closet $35

    2. Ingwa Melero silk bustier dress with spaghetti straps $25 - $40 at Clothes Circuit

    3. Super cute turqoise and lime tie dye pants
    a thrift store find.

    I am very thankful for my wingman and her excellent fashion expertise.

  2. I really like the Chanel pumps. Very classy! What is the height of the heel? What a great find and even better that they were free.

  3. Jenny...the heels are 2". Which is much shorter than what I like, but I think they will be cute for work, or also with very tailored shorts. I am taking them to the repair shop today...I think they will be cute!

  4. I am sure that you will rock them!