Tuesday, August 4, 2009

My tussle wth a RABID varmint!!!

Just yesterday I was walking my darling dog, when my son noticed that our bushes were rustling. At first, I assumed he was imagining things, as every time that he would ask me to look, there was nothing to see! He continued to prod the bushes in hopes of eliciting movement from the unknown species within. At one point, I said, "dude....I am going to laugh my a$$ off if something jumps out at you"!! That is the type of Mother that I am....perfectly able to find amusement in my children getting attacked by wild animals!!! I should have known that Murphy's Law would apply in this situation, as it does in every other aspect of my life. I bent down to inspect the bushes, thinking that perhaps it was a stray kitten or baby bird....and my son poked a stick in the other side of the bush at the same moment. Out jumped a squirrel....right at me!!! My kids found much joy in my scream of horror as this beady eyed little monster rushed straight at me! At the last second, it veered off course and headed up the nearest tree....but not before I had to eat my words, and my son and his friend enjoyed a good laugh at my expense.

Now that I have mentioned my sons friend..I would like to further investigate that relationship! This little boy,Jose, is the son of Eddie. Eddie is the Godsend who is fixing the gaping hole in our ceiling. I was diligently working in the bag store a few days ago, when my kids called to tell me that there was a new leak in our TV room. Our building suffers from many leaks, so I was instructing them to place another bucket under the dripping water when I heard cracking noises and a heck of a lot of screaming! I ran out the door, as quickly as my 4 inch heels would allow (pretty fast under the circumstances), as I thought the ceiling had collapsed on my precious children. When I arrived upstairs, the ceiling HAD collapsed, but luckily no offspring were pinned beneath the rubble! Hence...the arrival of Eddie! Eddie is the equivalent of $8.00 Manolo Blahnik shoes....an unbelievable bargain! He is fixing our roof, and the hole in the ceiling, start to finish for under $400. So if you live in the DFW area, and need an amazing handyman, that works well under pressure and the vigilant attention of 5 children...Eddie is your man!

Now on to the clothes....today I am wearing a shirt from my favorite designer and my favorite store. Pucci has been around for decades, and never seems to go out of style. My Mother was a fan of Pucci in the 60's, and although she could not afford to buy any of the designers clothes, she did purchase a Pucci paperdress. When I asked for elaboration on this, I was told that Pucci made a line of dresses from paper, that were printed with his designs, but were much more affordable! What I wouldn't give for that dress today! I have been obsessed with Pucci for about 10 years. I never thought that I would actually own any, so it is to my delight that I have built quite a collection while shopping second-hand. The shirt I am wearing today was purchased at Buffalo Exchange. God....I love that store!! I don't even think that you could find Pucci at Salvation Army for $12, but that is what I paid for this cutie t-shirt. I have also bought a Pucci skirt at Buffalo Exchange, and a few scarves. I know it is a complete blessing if I happen upon the odd Pucci item at Buffalo Exchange, but I will take my blessings and count them. I am going to include some pictures of my other Pucci items (at lease the ones that are stored on my computer). I hope you enjoy......

My outfit for today:

Pucci t-shirt $12 Buffalo Exchange

Levi's- belong to my son

Prada shoes-$50 Ebay


  1. Attack of the "killer squirrel" too funny. I can see Rye Guy laughing now.

    You have truly been blessed with tons of cute Pucci treasures. Love that T-shirt it is super cute and for $12 - what a bargain!

  2. Thanks Jenny...always good to amuse the kids at one's own expense!!!

  3. My fellow TPF Dallas bargain hunting buddy!!!

    I love, no, ADORE that skirt in your last photo!!!

    I have a blog now too! http://milliedeel.blogspot.com/

    I just started checking out TPF again. Hope all has been well!!!


  4. Jennifer....I am going to check it out!! SO glad to see you.....