Monday, August 31, 2009

For Lack of Something Better To Say......

My outfit for today:
Rebecca Taylor top- $12.99 consignment
Dylan George jeans- $FREE (gift)

Johnny Was top- $2.99 Salvation Army
Wrangler jeans- $17.00 Buffalo Exchange
Vintage Frye boots- $5.99 St. Vincent De Paul thrift

Gucci top- $5.99 Union Gospel Mission thrift
Skirt- $8.00 (I beleive) 2000 Roses
Chloe shoes- $250 Milan Station )Hong Kong)

DO you ever have those moments when you just don't have a lot to talk about??? Apparently, this is where I am right now!! Getting back into the swing of things with school has been difficult, although I have to say that not having to hear, "MOM....I'm bored" continuously sure is fabulous!!!

I hit my local CVS yesterday to check out their 90% of sale. I can't remember if I have mentioned this before, but every Sunday there is an endcap at CVS which had been discounted to 90% off. I can't tell you the wonderful unnecessary crap that I have picked up for next to nothing. It all depends on what they put out that day, but I have gotten makeup for $.50, face creams for $1.00-$2.00, medicine for under $1.00....and on and on and on.......Yesterday they also had all of their summer merchandise marked to 75% off. There were some amazing deals to be found. Fake crocs for $2.00, toys for $dirt cheap.00, and all sorts of stuff that you never knew you needed until it was 75% off! Apparently I am vying for the good deals at my local CVS with a lady named Nancy. My favorite cashier told me that she also comes in every Sunday morning to try to score great cheap stuff. It has me wondering if I should be there when they unlock the doors?? This is every CVS in Dallas (as far as I know)......and it is possible that it is nationwide, as well.

I am going to post photos of some good deals I have found as of recent....or just anything interesting that I have saved in my computer!!

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  1. Wow! I need to check my local CVS's out to see if they are doing the same!