Wednesday, August 19, 2009

A Walk Down Memory Lane And a Stop In The Local Goodwill

Last weekend the family was loaded up for a short but sweet roadtrip to Shreveport, Louisiana for a family wedding. The packing process took a week, as this was a BIG Southern wedding, with all of the trimmings! Two days, three parties, and one wedding + 3 kids and one husband (although he was responsible for himself), left me with a LONG list of clothes to pack and the joy at being able to wear some of my more beautiful things! Nothing makes me happier than a good packing list. I can spend weeks honing it to perfection, until I have the perfect outfit for any occasion and nothing extra! I never over pack, and neither would you if you spent three weeks on your packing list!!! My kids looked wonderful, and I am so thankful for my husbands Father, who used to adore buying my girls beautiful dresses that I would never even have considered spending the big bucks on!! A few of their things were purchased second-hand, and my son looked gorgeous in his recently thrifted formalwear!

On Saturday after our perfectly lovely wedding day brunch, my husband was anxious to try his hand at the blackjack tables. I used to love to I can't stand losing $$$. Even $5 lost is $5 that could have been something fabulous! I decided to drive my kids to Ruston (about an hour away), which is the town where I grew up. I haven't been there in 20 years, and it was like I never left! Everything was where it was supposed to be. I am not sure why I was expecting a HUGE change, but nonetheless...I was not disappointed with what I found. My kids did a stellar job of acting interested as I pointed out the playground at the school where I went to elementary, the donut shop where my Mom used to take me, the house I grew up in, etc.... and I truly love them for that!

Unfortunately, my daughters feet started to really bother her (which gave me the answer as to why someone would donate such a beautiful pair of unworn children's shoes to the Salvation Army). I just happened to be passing the Ruston hub of shopping excitement, which included a Goodwill store. I have to be honest, I was not thrilled at the prospect of the treasures within! Small town, no big stores....probably going to be a bunch of junk. Unfortunately, my daughter needed a pair of shoes and quickly!! I swear I feel like I have a honing device on my head which enables me to sniff out the best stuff....and separate it from the crap instantly. I was in that Goodwill for only a few moments and found a vintage Gucci purse for $.99. It may happen to smell a bit mildewy, but nothing that a little bit of febreeze can't fix!! I have cleaned it and plan on making it my new makeup bag! I felt really bad about "location profiling", and from this day forward plan on being an equal opportunity shopper!! Ruston had some good stuff....I recommend stopping into a small town thrift shop near you....there are treasures waiting within that the locals cannot appreciate!

And speaking of appreciate....I will share my clothes from the wedding. Hope you enjoy....

Harkham maxi dress- $4.99

Brown satin top- $6.00 Maria's Closet, Cavalli skirt $50 bought in Hong Kong

Elie Tahari dress- $60 Clothes Circuit ($10 for me after using my coupons!)

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