Friday, August 21, 2009

You know you are old when.....

You meet the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders, and get called ma'am!!! How utterly depressing!!! Yesterday after taking my kids for a swim....we went to the locker room, and to my surprise.....the whole Cowboys cheerleader squad was there! Of course...they were all beautiful and had been made up for a photo shoot that was taking place, and I had been sitting outside by the pool fully dressed and had sweat stains on my shirt....and generally looked like spilt shit....but the icing on the cake was when I asked one of them a question, and she (ever so sweetly) said, "yes, ma'am"!!!! UUUHHHhhhhgggggg......are you kidding me?????!!!! I know she was being polite....but I was very sad about the whole thing!!! My girls on the other hand were thrilled to get autographs and were awestruck by seeing the whole group of them together in close proximity!

Oh....and if you head to Macy's for tax-free shopping....they have a mass of shoes for 75% off....and very cute ones! I didn't get anything (although I was sorely tempted), not did I see what was offered in any of the other departments....but there were plenty of darling shoes for under $20!
If anyone has any nice comments to boost my morale...bring 'em on!!!

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