Thursday, September 3, 2009

It's My Birthday and I'll Buy if I Want Too!!!

Back of "Rich Hippie" jacket

I added the brooch...a bit of bling always makes me happy!

Catherine Courtney mesh coat

"Lucky" handbag

Chanel shoes......

Well....another year has passed! I am closer to 40 now than 30, and I guess that qualifies me to be called ma'am by the Cowboys cheerleaders! I am not sure where the time has gone....I swear I was 25 just the other day! My 20's dragged on and on, but my 30's are on warp speed!!! Hmmmm....I did finally stop smoking this year! I was supposed to stop at 25....then 30....then 35.....and this year it finally took! Good thing too, as the last thing I need is wrinkly smokers lips to match my sagging chest! I will show my birthday purchases! I am raking it in!!! I love when I get $$$ for a present because I am able to get exactly what I want and lots of it from my favorite secondhand shops! I managed to accumulate $150 to squander, and am having a fine time doing it! I did sell some things at Buffalo Exchange, so was able to have a bit of store credit, which I used to help with my purchases. I love them thank you Randy, kids, and parents for enabling me to buy more stuff I didn't need, but really and truly adore!!!!

And my shopping tip for today....don't take your kids with you whilst trying to spend money on yourself! Somehow all $$$ in your wallet becomes free game for useless stuff they also don't need!!!!


  1. Happy Birthday and I agree with your shopping tip!
    On aging: There was a study done which showed that the happiest people are the young, and the old. So, we have something to look forward to. Cheers.

  2. Awwww...thanks so much! I believe that about the study...the thing is that we spend all of our middle years stressed out about something or the other!!

  3. Where on Earth did you find those Chanel wedges?? How come I cannot have your luck!?