Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Garage Sale Season is Upon us!!!

Jimmy Choo for H&M $36 Buffalo Exchange

Super cute barn purse $1 Garage Sale

Even cuter slippers $1 Garage Sale

So.....last weekend I offered to help a dear friend with her garage sale. She was having a hard time pulling it all together....so after grabbing a Starbucks refill (as long as you have the cup...the refill is $.50), I headed to North Dallas to try to help her rid her garage of her junk. Turned out that not only were we selling her junk...but the junk of her in-laws, which turned out to be not so junky!!! If I was a collector of Americana items....I would have been in heaven. There was box after box of quilted goodies, and hand painted signs proclaiming various "Home is where the heart is" sentiments!!! I did somehow still manage to snag a few quilted teddy bears....I mean who can resist??!! While we were hot and heavy in the middle of her garage sale, one of our customers mentioned that there was a charity group having a HUGE sale at the civic center down the street. I was sorely tempted to abandon ship, just to see what was for sale. When I asked if there was any good stuff, she replied...."Not really....just a ton of clothes". WHAT???!!!! A ton of clothes....that is what I am looking for.....a ton of clothes to add to the ton that I already have!!!! Well....I managed to forge ahead for a few more hours and help my friend with her sale....but do not think for even a second that I didn't stop on the way back home. First....when I walked into the civic center...the anticipation was almost too much! There was just SO MUCH STUFF!!! I only had 15 minutes to take it all in, so I moved into warp speed. I headed straight for the shoes and purses, and picked up a darling pair of slippers. Luck was with me, as they were marking down items....as I was picking them up. I managed to get the slippers for $1. When I looked them up online....retail was $75. Then I moved on to the clothing racks.....I grabbed a cute Trina Turk jacket that had just been discounted to $.50. You cannot even get a candy bar for $.50 anymore!!! As I was thinking that I had seen it all....I saw a section that was cordoned off by drapes. This garage sale had a boutique!!!! I hurried into the "designer" area, and began flipping through the racks. There was a ton of cute stuff....but nothing that jumped out at me. Well....that was until I spied (from the corner of my eye), a vintage Mongolian lamb fur vest. I believe I have mentioned before that I try to stay away from buying fur. My exception to this rule is vintage. I feel that if it has been in circulation for 20, 40, 50 years....there is no need to retire it now! The vest was $15, but was 50% off. So for $7.50, I will look like a woolly mammoth next winter!!! My last find was a vintage decoupage purse that looks like a barn. Seriously...who wouldn't want one of those??? Especially for $1. Of course, I couldn't resist. It may need some touch up paint....but is a fabulous addition to my handbag collection. All in all....it was an extremely successful garage sale day. I ended up going home with a box of stuff that I didn't need, but that will certainly come in handy. I recommend you set aside a few hours every Saturday morning to dig through other people junk. Remember the age-old saying, "One persons trash is another persons treasure". I know this to be true....I have a ton of treasures that once belonged to many other people!!!

P.S. Also check out the fabulous Jimmy Choo for H&M bag that I recently snagged at Buffalo Exchange. Of course it was bought on trade....so no $$$ actually left my wallet! I love it!!!

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