Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Feeling thrifty....will travel!!!

So although this past weekend was supposed to be dedicated to my most favorite 11 year old daughter and her all-state choir competition....there was much down-time for us Moms....on the trip to Houston. I googled locations before departure, and found out that we would be mere minutes away from a Houston Buffalo Exchange. As if there was not enough crap being crammed into the back of my car for this trip...I loaded my ever evolving bag of clothes for possible trades while visiting this Buffalo Exchange location. It is a good thing the other Mom in my car ended up being so cool...otherwise she might have thought me crazy...for not only wanting to go thrifting, but also for hauling merchandise 250 miles to trade!! It was a good thing I did though, as there were only two items sold for trade....but I had a total of $30 in trade credit which was promptly spent. What did I get you might wonder....well....as everyone should know, a skirt made from old men's ties is a wardrobe necessity...so I picked up a super cool one for $11. Also...I bought a necessary pair of khaki pants, as my one pair was purchased when I was a depressed smoker and 10 pounds lighter. Sure, I cold still squeeze in....but why make oneself miserable??!! Also...the gorgeous, vintage crochet type dress (pictured) was purchased for $20. I plan on making it a little bit tougher with a leather jacket and some serious platforms!!

Then it was off to pick up my darling child from her first day of choir practice. What did I spy a few blocks away???? A HUGE Salvation Army!!!! I then knew what I would be doing to kill time the next day! Thank goodness that my travelling companion and I were now fast friends...as she was a good sport when I broke the news that a trip to the Salvation was certainly imminent! AND....it was a rousing success!!! I had a whole cartful of stuff inside of 15 minutes. And this was good stuff!!! REALLY GOOD STUFF!!! For $30, I left with a Land's End raincoat, red cashmere sweater, Sanctuary jacket, cool pants from Japan (pictured), White House Black Market jacket (pictured), J. Crew metallic jacket (pictured), Vintage black dress (pictured), Ralph Lauren skinny jeans for my daughter, and a few other odds and ends for the kids. Then the problem was posed...how to get this back home and into my house as if it had always been there???? I can tell you that it has only been two days, and these items have disappeared into the black hole of fabulousness that is my closet...with no problem at all!

Thanks for reading....I would say that it will happen again soon....but I can't make any promises!!!

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