Friday, April 16, 2010

The Ghost of Fashions Past!!!

Dior t-shirt- $11 bought at Clothes Circuit many years ago
Mango skirt- under $5 thrift
Targets version of Louboutin espadrilles- $9 Target
flower pin- DIY

There are few things more thrilling (which will give you an insight into how boring my life is), than seeing a piece of clothing worn in a new and different way....then realizing that in fact, you already own this piece of clothing. Such is what happened to me when I viewed the trailer for the Sex & The City 2 movie. Imagine my delight when I noticed Carrie (Sarah Jessica Parker) in Abu Dhabi wearing none other than a vintage J'adore Dior t-shirt. Although I can't attest to the age of her shirt, I can say that I realized that in a box somewhere, I had almost the identical t-shirt. Other people might wait for the shirt to surface of its own accord....but not me! I decided to brave the mound of boxes in storage in search of my holy grail of shirts (at least until I found it). If you could only see my storage area, you would realize what an undertaking this is. I am glad that I have gymnastics training, because it was certainly employed to get to the shirt. I was lucky in that I knew in which box it resided, but unlucky in that this box was about 6 feet up on a shelf that I couldn't get to. I decided that scaling the storage fixture was my only option, and quickly climbed up. Whilst balancing precariously, and digging through the box, it was much to my delight when.....the shirt was exactly where it should be. This will prove my point, that it is never a good idea to get rid of anything!!! Different people have different rules....I have heard the one year rule (if you haven't worn it for a year get rid of it), I have heard the trend rule (if it is not on trend get rid of it), but the only way items leave my closet is if they don't look good on me or if they are just plain ugly! I cannot tell you how many times that I have enjoyed an item of clothing that I was sure that I would never wear again. Case in point.....this t-shirt. I was certain it had seen its day in the sun. Lucky for me, I wisely saved it for later. Today it has been resurrected.....J'adore Dior!!!!


  1. I've been following your thread on TPF and then on your blog. Love both! I never buy retail if I can help it and nothing thrills me more than getting something at a bargain. I can't wait to see what amazing stuff you manage to pick up next.

    chocolatecookiesandcandies aka birkingal (TPF)


    if you want the shirt carrie is wearing just email me and i have it for sale!!! :)

  3. CC&C....thanks so much for your comment! So glad to see a fellow bargain shopper here! There is a great sense of satisfaction from getting something for nothing!!!

    Anna....hope you sold your shirt and that someone got a good deal!

  4. I love your stripey skirt!

  5. I found your blog from TPF and I love it! Keep up with the posts-I love to see more bargains and cute outfits.