Wednesday, February 3, 2010

A Buffalo Exchange 12 Step Program

Vintage tooled leather bag $50 Buffalo Exchange

Smythson Wallet- $6 Buffalo Exchange

Etro moto jacket- $85 Buffalo Exchange

Big, Fabulous cocktail Ring $17 Buffalo Exchange

Manolo Blahniks- $40 Bufflo Exchange

OUT OF POCKET= $0 How could there be a better way to shop??????

I beleive an intervention might be needed, because I am a hopeless Buffalo Exchange addict. It has become so terrible that even the employees are reminding me that I am not supposed to be there! Never mind that I always feel so proud of myself when I go and sell my belongings there and that cash is rarely used....but I never fail to leave with new stuff! Here is my version of the 12 steps....translated for Buffalo Exchange:

1. I am powerless when faced with closet has become unmanageable!

2. A power greater than myself is maneuvering my vehicle towards the nearest Buffalo Exchange!

3. I have made a decision to turn my will over to this greater power...therefore absolving myself of any guilty feelings!

4. I made a searching and fearless inventory of my closet.

5. I will admit to all of you the nature of my problem.

6. I have to be ready to remove all defects from my wardrobe (I like this one....does it mean I get to have replacements).

7. I will humbly ask my girlfriends to help me remove my fashion faux pas.

8. I will make a list of all the people who have not benefited from this habit, and promptly rectify by buying them a present.

9. I will make direct amends to them in the form of cute clothing/accessories, unless doing so will offend them in which case, I will buy something for myself.

10. Continue to take a closet inventory and when I have done wrong....I will return to Buffalo Exchange.

11. I will meditate on when enough is enough and hope that this point has been reached!

12. I will try unsuccessfully to tell this to all of my friends who are also afflicted with the Buffalo Exchange addiction!!!

There.....rules to live by! I am starting all of my fabulous friends at my local ready to feel my absence (but if anything great comes in....could you please call??)!!!!


  1. Love love love that tooled leather bag and the turquoise jacket! The one time that I went into a Buffalo Exchange, everything I liked didn't fit me so I never went back, that was well over 2 years ago. I really must take another gander inside one!

  2. Mrs. B,
    You have to venture in again! I would recommend at least once a week....although it is always a crapshoot. Definitely be persistent!!!

  3. LOVE that jacket! Oh how I wish the buffalo exchange near me (in another city, in another country, but a doable drive) was ANYTHING like yours!