Monday, July 19, 2010

A Deal so Good it Made Me Feel Bad!!

Me&Ro necklace $20 at Buffalo Exchange
Retail $2500-$3000

Loro Piana cashmere sweater $3.99 at UGM thrift
Retail $1500.00

Pucci Halter top- $62 at Uptown Consignment

Vintage Gianmarco Lorenzi boots-$34 at Buffalo Exchange (bought in trade)
Sergio Rossi red patent stilettos-$43 at Buffalo Exchange ( bought in trade)

Gorgeous Italian dress for my daughter- $10 Genesis Women's Shelter
Retail-between $300-$500

This has never happened to me before. N-E-V-E-R. Generally when I get a fantastic deal....I am in awe....and cannot wait to shout it from the rooftops....but recently, I got a deal SO GOOD, that I actually felt bad about it!

The day was like so many others....I found myself at Buffalo Exchange with the opportunity to peruse the newest arrivals, and keep myself occupied for a little while. As I was leaving, I quickly looked into the jewelry case where I spotted a beautiful "gold" necklace with "cz's" by a very well known designer. As I examined it more closely....I realized that it was quite a heavy piece of jewelry and decided that it definitely needed to be mine! I put it on hold and quickly drove home to find a few items to "trade". The necklace was a bargain at $20, so I was in a hurry to purchase. When I got home, I took a moment to do a bit of research on the designer, "Me&Ro", and was intrigued when I read that they only work in 10k gold and 18k gold and diamonds. Hmmmmm.....the possibility of a serious FIND was at hand!! I rushed back to Buffalo Exchange and completed my purchase. I made the decision that a professional opinion was needed, so stopped at the first jewelry store on the way to my house. My $20 necklace turned out to be 18K gold and diamonds....and almost a full ounce of gold!!! HOLY SHITE!!! That is a lot of gold!!! I couldn't believe it! No sooner had I gotten over the excitement of the realization than I started to worry. It was too good a deal?? It was stolen?? But I cannot imagine any thief taking a piece of jewelry to Buffalo Exchange instead of a pawn shop. They certainly would not be very good at their "profession"!!! Anyway....after admiring the necklace for a few days, I sold the chain for scrap and used the $$$ to pay off a credit card (How responsible is this??!!), and kept the gold and diamond cross for myself. The retail value of the necklace was about $2500. Now THAT IS A DEAL!!!

On to more thrifting finds....Today, I decided that perhaps I am a philanthropist! The good thing about thrifting is that you are helping a charity, recycling, and getting some good stuff at the same time. The bad thing is that it is quite addictive. There is always something fabulous to be found....and I am single-handedly trying to find it all it seems!!! I will post a few pics of some of my recent goodies! There have been some good ones!!

A friend of mine recently told me about a new consignment store in Dallas. "What's this you say?" A new consignment store that I don't know about?? Shocking. I actually let a few days go by before I dropped in to check it out. The name of this little gem is "Uptown Consignment", and it is owned by a darling set of sisters; Camille Umland and Connie Dieb. It is located at the corner of Fitzhugh and Cole in the uptown area of Dallas. This store is small, but WELL STOCKED. Forget having to sort through a bunch of stuff to find a treasure...they were all treasures! The pricing was extremely reasonable, and I was able to snag a gorgeous Pucci halter for $62. I also spotted a fabulous pair of Marni flats for $42, and was sorely tempted. If I didn't already own a gazillion pairs of flats that I don't wear....they would have been mine!! I recommend dropping in, as one of the sisters is a personal shopper at Neimans and could certainly help you to pick out the perfect outfit.

On to food.....recently we dined out at Cracker Barrel. I cannot even remember the last time that I ate this kind of food. Pros: any age can order off the kids menu. The servings are BIG and the meal comes with a drink for under $5. Cons: Country store to occupy your time while waiting for the food to be delivered. What I saved on the food...I made up for on the old-school candy. YUM!!!


  1. amazing deal! I saw your reveal on tPF and was so happy for you!! I need to get back to thrifting again; I used to go with my dad all the time, brings back a lot of wonderful memories :-)

  2. A Pucci top? Wow! I'm so impressed!

  3. Engineering Fashinista....thank you! It was extremely exciting. :)

    J. ....I LOVE Pucci, and have amassed quite a second-hand collection. I will do a Pucci post one day!

  4. Anne that necklace was such a killer find, so glad you kept the gorgeous pendant!!

  5. The Sergio Rossi red patent stilettos is perfect for personalized bridesmaid gifts that I could give out! :D