Wednesday, September 9, 2009 something nice for your kids!

Chanel Motorcycle Boots $65 Secondhand

I have to say that my kids are a HUGE bummer! I cannot even mention the name of a thrift store without my oldest daughter behaving as if I am trying to make her do a few hours worth of chores!!!! Actually...I think she may prefer chores! It isn't as if I go EVERYDAY, and they need to start being more appreciative, because I can assure you that they wouldn't have 1/2 of the things they deem necessary if it wasn't for Salvation Army!!! My son insisted that he needed Under Armour. I thought it was a type of deodorant, but much to my is a type of athletic shirt! Champion wouldn't do....nor would any other kind of off-brand turns out that wearing Under Armour is akin to wearing neon Reebok hightops back in the 80's!! Under Armour is EXPENSIVE.....but not when bought secondhand! My son has since asked that I stop purchasing it as he has every color in every style, I think. And all together, I don't think I have paid more than $10. Case in point....that the kids should be appreciative for my bargain hunting prowess!

Sometimes though....I do something all for the kids! On every Thursday evening of every month, the Dallas Museum of Art is FREE to enter. read it right....not a dime is charged! They also have FREE art projects on the 1st and 3rd Thursday of each month, and it is a wonderful way to spend great time with your family....without spending any $$$ at all. I took the kids last Thursday for my birthday, and it turned out that the make-n-take art project was actually a make-n-leave! They all thought they got the shaft as they had constructed these supercool concrete art pieces and were dying to take them home (I have to admit that I wanted them too!)but instead they were made to donate them to an artist who is working on a piece of installation art which will be on display at the DMA in the spring. Sounds like a good way to get free labor on your next art project, but who am I to say (I may be a little bitter)???!!! is a great time for parents and kids alike, as their is also live music and wine for the purchasing. If you park in a metered spot, and it is after 5 o'clock, the parking is also FREE! is running a promotion for the next few days. All of their restaurant gift certificates are 90% off. This is a GREAT deal. You can get a $25 gift certificate for $1 by using the code "ninety". It is essentially 1/2 off by the time the tip and tax is added in at the restaurant, but makes it so much easier to enjoy going out to eat, when it so much more affordable. Unfortunately, I think I bought all of the certificates to my favorite Thai if you live in Dallas and want to buy from Bangkok City....sorry about that!!!!
And for a bit of fashion talk....Fall is in the air, and anything motorcycle oriented is HOT!!!! I was lucky enough to purchase these gorgeous Chanel motorcycle boots a few years ago(whilst living in Hong Kong) for $65. I am completely in love with them, but for the life of me cannot figure out how to wear them without feeling age (un)appropriate. Ideas are welcome please......I certainly do not want to be an embarrassment to my children!!!


  1. Wow love those boots! I'll have to remember that about the DMA. I'll have to get hubby to take a day off from work so we can go!

  2. OH Crap, Ms. B....I have to revise is FREE after 5 (I believe). I would love to confirm that time, but the website is down!!! I got there at 6...and it was definitely free!! So your hubby can stay at work, and you can meet afterwards! :) A

  3. OMG! I have been looking for boots like these for sooo long! If you never wear them Id be happy to buy them from you, Id pay 3 times as much as you did for them!
    Pls contact me!

  4. I need these boots!!!!!! I LOVE Chanel and I have been looking for boots such as these for such a long time, if you are considering selling- please, please let me know!

  5. Floral dress and boots, you can't go wrong with that. Keep the dress knee length so it's age appropriate and don't wear anything else leather so you won't go into the biker chic look. They are just to cool to sit in your closet, you have to wear them!