Thursday, September 10, 2009

Dumpster Diving....Does It Equal Free Tea????

The offending shot of me inside!

And me today: black top $.90 thrifted Anna Paul silk skirt $4.00 Clothes Circuit

Yesterday was a normal most of my others. I started my day off by driving through McDonald's to get my everyday sweet iced tea (.99). I have become a bit obsessed with sweet tea since I stopped smoking. I would say that quitting smoking is a great way to save money, but as I have replaced it with a sweet iced tea everyday from McDonald's....I am just breaking even!!! Anyway....I exchanged my morning pleasantries with Ms. Joyce, who is perpetually friendly and whose attitude makes it almost a pleasure to drink iced tea that I know is going to give me a gut! Little did I know that later that day I would be seeing her in completely different circumstances!!

As I was making my way into work, I did a quick detour to our dumpster to toss in a handful of the junk that accumulates in your car when you have kids! As my life would go...I also threw in my phone. I did stare at it for a minute or so, but as it became apparent that it would not rise to meet my by some type of mystical powers....I made a backup plan to hop in the dumpster. I have to mention that this prospect was not enticing AT ALL!!! I hopped in with the ease of a person at least half my age, and bent down to retrieve my phone. When I popped back up....who was there??? None other than Ms. Joyce from the drive-thru!!! She was on her way to the bus stop when she happened upon me in the dumpster. She asked, "Hey...what are you doing in there??" To which I replied, "Oh...I live here!". After realizing my mistake, I quickly corrected myself and explained that I actually lived there, and continued with the tale that ended with me in the dumpster. In retrospect...maybe I should have allowed her to believe that I was actually dumpster diving, as there might have been FREE sweet tea in my future!!!

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  1. Do you think that some of the women who work at Clothes Circuit are just a tad bit cranky? It seems like every time I go in there and want to check out with something, they act like it's a chore. They always have really good deals in there which is why I always go back but geez, how about a smile every now and then?

  2. For a second there, I thought your blog title meant you found un-used tea bags in someone's dumpster; and I was going to say, toss it back 'coz you never know.

  3. Ms. B....I totally understand what you mean. I have been shopping there for years, so they all know me....but I think they could use some young blood in their employee mix!!

    RRE...I swear if I get so cheap that I start digging in the trash....check me in to the closest loony bin!!!