Thursday, June 9, 2011

Manolos- $12 Genesis Women's Shelter

M. Frey Wille scarf- $1.40 St. Vincent De Paul thrift

Sergio Rossi- $30 Buffalo Exchange

Jaeger dress- $3.60 St. Vincent De Paul thrift

Today, I am going to write about something other than thrifting (as much as it pains me!)!!! But I have a fabulous deal to share for those living in the Dallas area. A deal that not only makes you feel good...but look good also! A deal for the whole family!!! "What is this amazing deal of which you speak?" you might be asking???? Today I shall tell you of the place that makes my life easier, my kids happier, and would make my ass smaller if I was willing to actually make use of all the facilities!!! The Hilton Anatole "Verandah" club. Our family have been members of this club for the last few years. We consider it our family "entertainment" budget each month. For less than $120, our whole family can make use of the amazing facilities which include: gym, indoor basketball, indoor/outdoor track, racquetball, tennis, classes, and indoor/outdoor swimming (with swim-up bar). The facilities are top-notch and I often just stop in and let my kids make use of their gorgeous locker rooms (ssshhh.....don't tell a soul!)!!! It certainly is easier to let them shower there than try and clean up after all of them at home! The best part is that you don't have to sign a contract. That's can make up your mind month to month. Although I have to say that I cannot imagine cancelling after becoming a is just too great a deal to let go!
If Rick (great guy) at the Verandah Club 214-761-7878

P.S. I hated to leave you without even a little bit of bargain eye-candy!! Enjoy just a few of my latest treasures!!

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