Monday, January 10, 2011

All Things Bright and Beautiful.....

There are few things that make me happier than leopard print, neon pink, and a wolf howling at the moon! When I can manage to incorporate all three into one is the making of a fantastic day! That coupled with my kids late departure for school due to the 2 centimeters of snow/ice on the ground...which resulted in an extra hour of sleep for me, means that today is bound to be nothing short of glorious!

This coat has got to be one of the most fantastic items of clothing that I own. It was found on a recent venture to Genesis Women's Shelter in Dallas. I was supposed to be dropping off a donation (and I did...I promise!), but managed to squeeze in moment of shopping. I spied this coat from across the store, and was ecstatic when it was a perfect fit AND I could afford it. What a bargain at $25! I hate to admit that my husband is ever right....but he believes that whenever I donate...I always come home with more. In this case he was correct...and I am so glad that he was!

The sweater was Neiman Marcus Last Call purchase. If you don't shop should! I have gotten some ridiculous bargains there...seriously...sometimes even cheaper than Wal-Mart. This Shamask sweater was a bargain...I am just not sure how ridiculous! Original price- $750.00, after a slew or markdowns and a special became mine for $65! I love the color, and you can never go wrong with cashmere.

Leggings and boots...courtesy of Target! Love that place!! I did have a pair of Frye campus boots in black...but they were SSssooooooo painful! And this from someone who regularly sports 5 inch heels! They were so heavy that by the end of the day, my ankles would be throbbing! They were sold...and I found this great pair as a replacement. They were on sale for $35.00 and the leggings were a bargain at $14. It is hard to tell from the pic, but they are like a ribbed sweater.

And last...but certainly not least is the scarf of fabulousness from H&M. I bought this in Las Vegas for $14 at the H&M there...and it is not a purchase that I regret. This scarf has it all....snakes, the constellation, a wolf...and even a goat (or maybe it is a cat!). No matter how you cut is bright, fun, and a tad bit obnoxious! I am so happy that H&M will soon be opening in Dallas. I was so happy when the store opened in Hong Kong...only to move back to Dallas a few months later. I hope when the store opens here...we are not unexpectedly transferred to Boise, Idaho!!

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  1. After reading all about your fabulous thrifting on tpf, I was always waiting for an updated entry to your blog, since your signature link led me each time to a 2009 post. Turns out you've been posting all along, and I was just too much of a blog newbie to realize it!

    Looking forward to more updates in 2011! I've long been coveting a pair of frye villager boots, I hope they don't suffer the same issue =(. I know I could just buy them new at any time, but they are always popping up on ebay and my local vintage shops that I know if I am patient I will find them in the right size and the right price when the time is right.