Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Becoming a Nun....With Nothing But a Sheet!

This is the time of year which I love in some ways, and dread in others. Halloween is quickly approaching, and of course if you want to score big in the candy better have a costume! If that isn't enough stress...starting last kids also have to have a "Saint" costume for All Saints Day at school. The dilemma of the Halloween costume can generally be solved by a quick trip to my local thrift store, but a "Saint" costume is very hard to come by....I guess they are not in hot demand. Last year one of my daughters chose to dress as the nun with the "flying hat". I looked EVERYWHERE for a hat, but all that were for sale were ridiculously expensive. There was no way that I would spend $29.99 on a hat which would only grace her head once. In quiet desperation....I decided out to make my own nun's hat. Armed with a hot glue gun, a Tupperware container, and some foam board.....I set out to conquer what no other Mom that I know has achieved! It only took but an hour...and my daughter was thrilled with the results (please see picture for reference). Alas...that was last year, and of course my other daughter does not want to wear the same hat which was so proudly paraded around the school once before. She has decided to be a Saint who is attired in all white, flowing robes! Easy, right???!!!! That is what I I am looking at a white sheet and trying to decide how to make it into a rocking Saints costume by Friday! Is my daughter going to look like a Saint, or like her Mother threw a white sheet onto her and called it a costume??? Pics will surely follow.....

What is not cheap....pets!!! My dear cat Mr. Mao came down with a bladder infection last week. How could I diagnose this, you might wonder??? Well....he peed pretty much everywhere he could squat....including on my foot!!! I could feel his pain, as my bladder and I have been in the same position before. I made a call to our vet and was able to rush him in right away. A few hours and $300 later, I was informed that our cat had a bladder infection. Hmmmm.....I knew he had a bladder infection when I still had not spent a dime! He was prescribed amoxicillin and sent home with instructions that he may need further testing, blah, blah, blah next week!!! Of course I am glad he was taken care of and he is worth far more than the cost of that vets appointment, but cost $300 to have him pee on some litter and test is for infection???? I am thinking that I I had been so inclined....a vet would have been a good calling. You don't have to mess with insurance, bitchy patients, and the people paying the bill will generally spare any expense for their beloved pets!

And tonight after a quick trip to the dog park (my kids love this), I will be stopping at Boston Market for their $1 meal. Actually... I won't!!! I just went to attach the link, and realized that my coupon expired yesterday! What a bummer!!!! I was looking forward to their cornbread! Oh well....I guess I will have to enjoy a gourmet meal prepared by Moi!!!!
And....last but not least! To address the above photos. I still have not figured out how to blog correctly. I am going to get the hang of photo placement one of these days!!! But I will tell a little tale about each of the above! The first photo is of a drop-dead gorgeous pair of Sergio Rossi shoes. Original price in the $550 range. Somehow, there was a secret sale going on at NM Last Call when I was there, and with all the discounts applied...they cost $74. I think this is the most that I have paid for shoes in a long time....but they are well worth it!! The color is amazing!!! Next in the photo lineup is a pair of Hermes sandals which I was lucky enough to get at Salvation Army for $12.99. I spotted these from across the room...and didn't know what brand they were, but could tell the quality was good. I was so excited when I picked them up and they were my size!!! On to the fur coat....this one is a true shocker!! It is a vintage sheared mink. And drumroll....I paid $2.99. I was at one of my thrift stores that has all of their clothes marked at $2.99, when I spied a piece of clothing on the floor under a rack. I picked it up in order to hang it up when I realized what I was holding onto. I wold not buy new fur....but this one sure does deserve to be loved....and for $2.99, who wouldn't love it!!! When I got it home, I proudly showed it off to my husband who in a typical male fashion said, "What do you need that for?" EXCUSE ME....this is a mink coat in impeccable condition for less than a Happy could I say no??? And last but not least.....the "flying nun's" hat!!! That is some serious crafting talent sitting atop my daughter's head!! Please try not to be jealous!!!!

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  1. The dilemma does not really have to be a Dilemma. There are plenty of shops anywhere that caters cheap halloween costumes and can help you save lotsa money! :D